Manipur CM N Biren Applies Creative Measures To Boost Economy

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Manipur CM N Biren distributes loans to more than 1200 women sellers of vegetables, fruits and handicrafts in the state. He believes in the rights of women and helps them in setting up their own small, scale, enterprise. The CM believes that everyone has the right to live in a comfortable and dignified life and that economic development should be harnessed so that all sections of society are benefited. His government has also taken steps to uplift the condition of the people living in poverty by promoting co-operative economic activities among them.

The CM also distributes loans to women from tribal backgrounds who have become members of the cooperative society and have become entitled to receive financial aid from the State. Also, those women farmers who do not have access to credit or money can also obtain help from the CM in getting funds to start or expand their businesses. Financial assistance is also offered to widows and mothers who have small children. The CM ensures that these women do not lag behind economically and are provided with suitable co-operation so that they can improve their standard of living.

Women business owners can apply for a loan from the CM through their cooperatives. The funds will be distributed by the CM to the cooperatives for the purchase of machinery and equipment to be used in business. CM N Biren also encourages micro and small scale agricultural production in the state. Through this scheme, women are able to earn more and build up better financial position in the community.

In addition, the CM offers a monetary incentive to the residents of cities and towns to undertake small scale farming. This scheme also involves distribution of textiles to the residents of the state. Farmers selling textiles to the residents of the state to get a certain percentage of the sale price as their share of profits. The scheme also facilitates better distribution of food products to the people of the state.

Another area where CM N Biren facilitates economic development in Manipur is the garment industry. Women from the lower income groups are opting for better clothing options and buying branded clothes to improve their status. These women are considered very lucky as they are able to purchase the clothes at low rate and make better profits. The CM along with the state government also promotes the use of imported goods and encourages the growth of local textile industry.

There are some women who cannot afford to buy expensive dresses and hence look for cheap stuff. They can also get loans under the CM’s schemes and repay them in affordable installments. The CM believes in promoting better education and hence has plans to increase the number of technical schools in the state. As education is very important in developing an economy, the state government has taken steps to provide financial aid to the needy students.

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